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Mike Rowe Works™ by Cat® Footwear

Dirt and work may both be four letter words, but that’s okay. These boots are meant for people who may occasionally use four letter words. While these rugged beauties are officially called Mike Rowe Works™ by Cat® Footwear, you will likely just come to know them as “my boots”.

Now, it’s okay if you are not familiar with Mike Rowe, but we should first say congratulations on coming out of your 7-year coma. Of course, you may recognize Mike from his time with the Baltimore Opera or perhaps one of the dozen different TV shows he has hosted, but none of those are important now. Now he works for a living. Mike Rowe is the phenomenally popular host of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel, and he can now list 300 different jobs on his resume—every one of them requiring a good washing-up afterwards. And the right boots.

If you know, or are, a hard-working craftsman with any experience, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. When it comes to what is on your feet when you arrive at a jobsite, choosing the right footwear is more than just matching your shoes to your (tool)belt or (tool)bag. Comfort, rugged durability and protection are the key words, and you can put them in any order you want. Or you can just lump them all together, and you come out with the new line of Mike Rowe Works™ by Cat® Footwear. If you are the type of person who is interested in these boots, we know you have to get back to work soon, but here are a few of our favorites:

Here is the Mike Rowe Works™ by Cat® Rangler ST, and the first thing you should know is that the ST means it’s got a steel toe. It’s also about a mile high, has a full grain upper and an oil-, water-, heat- and slip-resistant traction rubber outsole. Plus, it’s “Boy, today sure went by fast” comfortable. Boom.

Mike Rowe Works by Cat Rangler Work Boot

This beauty is the Mike Rowe Works™ by Cat® Valor ST and it has all the same sturdy stuff in it that the Rangler has, including the steel toe, full grain leather, the everything-proof outsole and the all-day comfort. It’s just meant for people who don’t wade quite so deep into their work.

Mike Rowe Works by Cat Valor Work Boot

Maybe your dirty job doesn’t involve ankle-deep dirt (or whatever); maybe you spend the day on a concrete floor or doing some kind of finish work. While you’d still be happy in either the Rangler or the Valor, perhaps something lighter is for you. Try the Mike Rowe Works™ by Cat® MR-Terrain. The outsole is made from that great anti-everything rubber for super grip, but the full-grain leather upper was designed to deliver more of a sneaker feel.

Mike Rowe Works by Cat Terrain Work Boot

We can’t promise that wearing the new Mike Rowe Works™ by Cat® boots will make every day feel like Friday, because some days are just going to feel like two Mondays fighting over which one gets to try to make you cry. What we can tell you is that a guy who has had 300 of the dirtiest, hardest jobs a person can do (and still counting) has seen fit to put his name on them. And Mike’s handshake should count for something.

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