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Update Your Run with New Balance

Meet the shoe that can improve your run

Creating great running shoes is a lot like running itself. Whether the motivation is to subtract minutes, add miles or improve techniques, the goal is to be better this month than you were last month. If that sounds familiar at all, you should know you have a kindred spirit in New BalanceRead More

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Baggallini Giveaway: Urban Backpack

12DaysOfGiving_CLOSEDEnter to win a Baggallini Urban Backpack

Congratulations to our winner: MrsMeep

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It’s time for another great Baggallini Giveaway! Now that the cold winds are starting to blow, it’s easy to imagine getting away to someplace warmer and taking in the sights. And it’s just as easy to imagine knocking around that sunny town somewhere with the Urban Backpack from Baggallini. Coincidentally, it’s this month’s giveaway. Read More

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On the Hunt with Irish Setter

 Get ready for hunting with Irish Setter

I’m not a hunter. I know, because I’ve been hunting and it just wasn’t for me. While I did bag my first and only pheasant, it’s rarely the thing I remember most about the experience. What I remember most was miles and miles of cold, wet and aching feet.  The problem was that I was wearing the boots I had, not the boots I needed. The hunting boots I should have been wearing come from Irish Setter.

Read More

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Comfort runs in the Walking Cradles family

Discover how comfortable style can be

While there are a lot of ways to describe a family, we’re betting that you don’t often hear folks use “comfortable” or “stylish” to describe theirs. That’s not the case with the Walking Cradles family. They’re a small (or “just right,” as they say) number of brands that have a lot of common ground, and just enough differences to make them each interesting in their own way. You know, like a typical family. Read More

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Sherpani Giveaway: Willow Crossbody Bag

12DaysOfGiving_CLOSEDEnter to win a Sherpani WIllow bag

Congratulations to our Sherpani winner: YetziG

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‘Tis the season of giving and we’ve got just the thing to make your season bright—a stylish new bag from Sherpani! They’re famous for their simple silhouettes, soft fabrics and unique prints. Their outdoor-ready styles keep you organized and ready for the day ahead. What could be a better way to end one year and start another than with a new bag? This bag is practically a metaphor for moving forward with the things you need…but I digress. There’s a sweet Sherpani crossbody bag, just waiting to be given away.  Read More

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12 Days of Giving: Dr. Martens

Enter to win Dr. Martens12DaysOfGiving_CLOSED

Congratulations to our winner: courtney h

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Welcome to Day Twelve of the 12 Days of Giving! This is it, the very last day of our 12 Days of Giving. We covered a lot of ground in the past two weeks, and we’re grateful to be some small part of your holiday celebration. It was fun hearing about some of your holiday traditions and favorites, but now it’s time to start looking forward to next year. To help us get ready for 2014, our friends at Dr. Martens have sent over a couple of beauties. Read More

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12 Days of Giving: Hobo

Enter to win a bag from Hobo the Original12DaysOfGiving_CLOSED

Congratulations to our winner: lmchadwick

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Welcome to Day Eleven of the 12 Days of Giving! The lights are up, the garlands hung, and we’re getting pretty good at cutting out 6-pointed paper snowflakes to cover the windows. We’re not going too overboard this year with decorations, but it’s definitely starting to look festive and colorful around here. Speaking of festive and colorful, you may have already noticed that snazzy purse from our friends at Hobo the Original. Read More

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Style Central: UGG Australia Classic Tall Boot

Learn more about this month's bloggers

Style Central is taking a hint from the weatherman this month. We’ve got tall and toasty warm boots our friends at UGG® Australia, and four of our favorite lifestyle bloggers to help us figure out how to wear them.
Read More

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12 Days of Giving: TEVA

Enter to win TEVA shoes or boots


Congratulations to our winner: JoyfulOne

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Welcome to Day Ten of the 12 Days of Giving! It was Tuesday when we asked you about your favorite holiday song, right? Well, it has now been three straight days of me absentmindedly humming “Jingle Bell Rock.” It got stuck in my head and just won’t leave. It’s just so easy to start that song…the beat is almost exactly the same as the pace I like to run. Almost. It’s fine, totally my own fault for asking. But now it’s time to return the favor. Right after we hear about the prize from TEVA. Read More

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12 Days of Giving: Merrell

Enter to win Merrell footwear12DaysOfGiving_CLOSED

Congratulations to our winner: birdwatcher

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 Welcome to Day Nine of the 12 Days of Giving! Yesterday you shared your favorite holiday memories from last year, and it got us all talking about Christmas traditions. Do you still maintain all the traditions you grew up with, or have you set some of them aside in favor of new ones? Personally, I’m thinking about bringing back my father’s Christmas morning breakfast tradition of one, last, painfully slo-o-ow cup of coffee before we all got to open our presents. He would sip down to the bottom of the cup, look at it thoughtfully, and then wonder out loud if he should have just one more. The suspense was deliciously unbearable. What about you? Tell us one of your traditions and you could win today’s prize from Merrell.

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