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Walking the long walk.

KEEN Newport Sandals

I have a secret. It’s cliché, sounds a bit made up and makes it seem like I’m after something, but here it is…I like long walks on the beach. Before you picture me in some billowy-shirted epic novel, or file me away with guys who get their date ideas from the Men’s Standardized Romance catalog, perhaps I should clarify. The walk and beach that you are likely picturing are not the same ones I mean.

I like a beach that’s in a mood. Give me grey sand, waves that are a little rough around the edges, and perhaps the distant threat of thunderstorms. If there is a tide pool or two to poke around in, so much the better. Cannon Beach in Oregon is a good example of a beach that can get in a mood. And everyone knows that memories are built on moods. Those sun-drenched beaches with palm trees and impossibly fluffy sand are great for the “Wish you were here” postcards you send friends to make them jealous, but when I think of a long walk on the beach, I think of a nonfat latte in my hand, not a Blue Hawaiian.

Even before the latte, though, the first thing I reach for is the right shoes. Navigating seaweed-ringed tide pools in flip-flops can be challenging but, as anyone who has ever stepped on a broken clamshell will confirm, you gotta have something on your feet if you’re going to get where you want to be. Fortunately, I’ve got my trusty old KEEN Newports. I don’t remember exactly when I got these, but it was a lot of man-walks and beaches ago. They’re comfy and supportive, allow just the right amount of water to swirl around your toes, and still look pretty sharp when you make it all the way into town for a slice of pizza.

Hmm, now I’m in the mood for a walk. Well, okay, technically I’m in the mood for pizza, but I’m willing to walk to go get it. Where are my KEENs?

By Perry is an aficionado of comfortable, stylish shoes and an employee of OnlineShoes.com. His combined total number of dress shoes and running shoes does not come close to the number of casual shoes in his closet—sandals and flip-flops are a whole separate thing. Perry still prefers to wear new shoes out of the store; new shoes are awesome.

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